Why buy from Texas Strong Portable Buildings?



  • We uses only the finest building materials in the business. Our buildings are manufactured right here in Texas.

  • We use treated 2×6 floor joist that adds 50% strength over our competitors 2×4 non treated joists. This adds Strength and Durability that resist termites and decay that occurs in other buildings.

  • We use hot dip galvanized ring shank nails – they will not rust and they hold like screws.

  • We use 5/8″ pressure treated walls and tongue & groove floors – compare to the others 7/16″ or 1/2″.

  • Our metal roofs are fastened to wood roof decking and screwed down. Compare this to 1×4 slats with metal nailed down.

  • We use a continuous FULL Ridge Vent designed with bug screen to keep out unwanted bugs and pest.

  • We are the only building with a patented soffit vents that will keep you building well ventilated and cool in the ever changing Texas climate.

  • Our buildings meet all the International Residential and Commercial Building Codes.

  • Our Warranties are the strongest in the industry. The shingle and metal roofs have a 25-year Mfg. warranty.  All treated wood products have a limited lifetime Mfg. warranty, and 7 year Warranty on Workmanship. Compare that with others at 3 years.

  • We have the Best RENT TO OWN program in the business!

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